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Funnel Hacker

You’ve probably never heard of Funnel Hacking. That’s because it’s new. But a very crucial part of any Startup. Most startups start out as a Product- or Sales-led team. The Operations side is often an afterthought. And yet it’s that key Operations piece that will ultimately either constrain or underpin the success of any startup.

Where Growth Hacking focuses on acquiring customers, Funnel Hacking focuses on converting, retaining and increasing the lifetime value of your customers once they’ve discovered you.

We work with our clients to help them to increase conversion and customer value all the way through our 8-stage Customer Funnel and enable their non-technical team members to move fast and experiment and iterate without relying on developer involvement.

Many startups signup for a slew of SaaS tools but never leverage them effectively. We help them choose and integrate fit-for-purpose tools that help them at each stage of the funnel and we design and orchestrate the data and events to send between these tools. Then we implement their flows in and between these tools so their business runs like a well-oiled machine.

We stay at the forefront of the tool space and keep up to date with all the developments in this space so we can recommend and implement the right tools for the job. Every tool is constantly evolving so this is a demanding task!

We’re looking for a new team member to help handle the demand we are seeing for our Funnel Hacking services. Our Funnel Hackers sit at the intersection of Product Management, Customer Success, Marketing and Technology and will ideally have exposure, if not experience, in all of these roles.

Consulting experience is preferred but not essential.

You may be a recovering founder looking for a new challenge that leverages the combination of skills you’ve acquired from your own startup and keen to share what you’ve learned with other startups. We welcome you to apply.

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