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Minimize the holes in your Funnel

Most startups focus on filling the top of their funnel with leads.  But getting people to come to your site is just the beginning.  There are plenty of best practice techniques that you can implement to improve your chances of bringing the Customer all the way through your Customer Funnel.  Each stage of the funnel has a goal and a set of tools and activities you can implement to improve your conversions.

Liberate your team from the development backlog

Most changes you want to make to improve your funnel conversion require you to get your developer to implement.  But they are busy building your product.  Learn how to set things up to empower your team to experiment and iterate without any developer involvement.  You’ll be amazed at the creativity that unleashes!


We aim to help you optimize your Customer Funnel so your startup can scale without breaking.  And all without distracting your developers.  We will give you the tools and the skills to create your own playbooks to convert your Customers and optimize the value you get from them.

Do you want to automate and optimize your Customer Funnel?

These are some of the tools in our toolbox:


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Funnel Hacking

Funnel Hacking Apps for Zapier

We’ve developed a couple apps inside Zapier that integrate with key tools in our stack.  You can request an invite to them by clicking on this button.

  • Funnel Hacking with Segment.com
    Ever wanted to send a new “track” event to your Segment account from a process in Zapier? This app makes it effortless.
  • Funnel Hacking with Stripe
    Create a discount coupon in Stripe, Cancel a Customer in Stripe.
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