Solving Pricing, Subscriptions and Payments for Startups

Amazing!  So many insights, incredible material, great instruction and amazing peers!  Highly recommended for startups, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Diane WangPaintzen

About this course

For startups, figuring out how to set up and adjust your pricing and then adjusting your whole app to implement that pricing is no simple feat.  In this one day training workshop you will:

  • learn about key pricing principles that can bring clarity to your own pricing strategy.
  • conduct exercises in groups with other founders and startup execs to collaborate and learn from each other in addition to the instructor.
  • learn how to set up the pricing, plans and features structure in your own app to enable rapid experimentation and iteration without developer involvement.
  • obtain an understanding of the ways in which you can connect various tools together to respond intelligently to subscription and payment events to optimize conversion, retention and upsell and decrease churn.
  • build out a sequence of events in these tools to execute on one of these payment playbooks without any developer involvement.

You will come away from this course with actionable insights and steps that can improve your startup’s velocity and customer value.

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